Prayers As A Bridge To Peace

ABridgeToPeace a project by Luciano Aimar

“A new type of thinking is essential if mankind is to survive and move toward higher levels.”   (Albert Einstein)

The seed of ABridgeToPeace started growing in me long time ago, even before I created my charity A Bridge of Roses . I have always wanted to work and get involved in world peace, but I didn’t know how. I will try to do it now with ABridgeToPeace, and I invite you to join me.  It is an original project and I will not ask you for your financial support.  I will ask, instead, for your prayers as invitation to experience peace together.

 We all hunger for peace…peace in our lives, peace in our families, peace in our world. We sink to our knees, touch holy space and offer up prayers of petition: ”Show us the way.”   (From Prayers of Peace by Carrie Coco)

 We all want to live in a peaceful world. If one asks a thousand people what is it that they wish the most?  A peaceful world ranks among the first of their wishes, right there with eradication of poverty and diseases.  But, like most people, I always felt I could not give a direct contribution; I felt that only the world leaders with their power could do something to bring peace. And so far I have delegated them to find a solution.

With ABridgeToPeace I want to find a different approach; my invitation is: let’s try to change the way we think.  Let’s get involved in the process of peace. But how can a simple person like you or me get involved in such a big issue like world peace? What we all do when we feel hopeless?  Or when we feel happy and thankful?  We pray.  We lift our eyes to the sky and send a prayer to the One some of us call God, some Spirit, some the Source, some the Superior Force… you name it. My invitation is: let’s together pray for peace.


 In the next years I will undertake three challenges, as I did for A Bridge of Roses.

  • The first, in December 2012, a 9 days walk across Galilee, Israel.
  • The second in December 2017 to Jordan – 7 days hike following the Bedouins trails and entering Petra from the back door.
  • This December 2018 –  Five days in Istanbul, Turkey 

In support of these three challenges I will invite sponsors, asking them to pray or send positive thoughts, in their languages and their traditions, for peace while I am walking.  I will ask them to find five minutes (or more) in their lives and pray for peace each of the 9 days I am in Galilee, in Jordan, and on my other trips. I want to emphasize that this is not an invitation only to a particular religious group, or religious people, it is an invitation to all. Also I don’t invite to pray for peace, but pray peace.  As the old saying goes: “Don’t pray for rain, pray rain”.

Peace starts in our hearts.  If we experience peace in our hearts, we find peace also in our lives, in our home, in our communities, and in our world. Without peace in our hearts we cannot find peace around us. We are the channel to peace. The famous Saint Francis’s prayer puts this thought in very simple words: “Make me a channel of your peace.” I have this image in my mind that each person who pledges to pray peace lights up a spot on a world map.  At the beginning there will be few places, then more and more at the end the whole map will light up. I strongly believe that any process of peace will start, and will be successful, only if ordinary people like you and me say: “Enough is enough”.  And instead of building walls to keep each other out, we will build bridges to unify all of us. Finally I believe that each of us is here to experience an individual journey.  Each of us came with a work to do and to him/her was given the gifts and talents to be able to accomplish it.  But I strongly believe that the human experience is not only an individual journey, it is also a collective one.  It is perfectly right that each and every one of us strives to get better, to elevate oneself and one’s soul to a higher level. But we also have the responsibility to contribute to elevating the human species.  We are not here alone; we are individuals but we are all one together.  So we have to find a way to unify; and this is not only our contribution it should be our work. So my invitation, and it might seem naïve, is to start this unification by building a bridge of prayers.

 Our individual choices become our collective answer to our time in history.  The key is that when we change, the world changes.   (Gregg Braden)

It is not my intention to take sides on any controversial political disputes that there are around the world.  The challenges I chose, especially the first one: walking across Galilee, are chosen because I have a personal interest in visiting those areas.  I don’t want to take any side over the issue to whom the land of Palestine, who so many claim as their own, belongs.  I could have chosen other parts of the world.  The point isn’t to take a stand over any controversial disputes.  The point is, instead, to take a stand on world peace, to show that ordinary people, the little fishes as I like to call simple ordinary people like myself, can do a lot to contribute to world peace.  We do have a voice and an important part on the work of unification that our human race has to accomplish. And probably by finding peace in our hearts we will end up finding solutions to these controversial disputes.

 Grant us peace, Your most precious gift, O Eternal Source of peace, and give us the will to proclaim its message to all the peoples of the earth.  

To participate to ABridgeToPeace, please, go back to the top of this home page and click on the page “Pledge To Pray “.  

Grazie,  Luciano