Pledge To Pray

If you want to contribute to this project you can:

  • Pledge to find five minutes (or more) to pray peace, or to send positive thoughts , in your language and your tradition,  each day of the 7 days I walk in Jordan.
  • Send the link of this site to people you think can be interested in.  You can also post it on your Facebook or Twitter or any other social network that you think could reach people interested in.
  • You can let me know you are pledging by following our visit in Turkey on  the Facebook Page
  • If you would like to leave me a message use the same Facebook Page

Se volete contribuire a questo progetto potete:

  • Prendendo l’impegno per cinque minuti di pregare pace, oppure mandare pensieri positivi, nella vostra lingua e nella vostra tradizione, ogni giorno per i 7 giorni in cui sarò in Giordania
  • Mandando il link di questo website a tutti coloro che ritenete che possano essere interessati. Potete anche mentre un post su Facebook  o Twitter o in qualsiasi altro vostro social network.

Thank you!


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9 thoughts on “Pledge To Pray

  1. Luciano,
    Your message that each one of us has the power to bring peace to the world is empowering. Not only can adults participate actively but our children can be a part of this movement and their own future as citizens of the world. Thank you for leading this effort. We will pray peace. The Pauli family

  2. I pledge to pray for you, Luciano, and I thank you for this wonderful and much-needed stand for peace!!
    Mary Rita

  3. Manderò i miei pensieri positivi a te e al tuo progetto di pace, che sostengo con convinzione e con affetto per te.

  4. Luciano, I pledge to pray and be with you in spirit for the steps you will take to help spread peace. Best wishes and enjoy your journey. The Moon Family. XO

  5. I just read this, Luciano, and am so touched by your sentiments and courage. It’s a bit late to pray for you r pilgrimage in Jordan but I can pray for you and all those who work for peace and especially those who are victims of conflict, which in some ways we all ar!
    Wishes for a peacefilled 2018!

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