How to Pray (suggestion)

“It is true that God knows the wishes of all hearts; but the impulse to pray is  a natural one, springing from man’s love to God”    (Abdu’l-Baha)

“Words without love mean nothing”    

(From Baha’a’u’llah and the New Era by J.E. Esslemont)

A friend asked me: “Luciano, but how do you pray peace?”

There are millions of ways to pray, and there are a lot of different traditions one can follow. Keeping in mind that I am not a spiritual director or any kind of expert, this is my suggestion:

Find a peaceful place in your home, or in your backyard, or in your office, I believe it is possible to pray everywhere, even when one is sitting on a busy bus on his/her way to work.

Sit still with your back straight.  Close your eyes lightly.  Then interiorly, silently begin to recite a single word – a prayer word or mantra.  In this case I would invite you to recite the word “peace”.  But you can choose your own.  Breathe normally and give your full attention to the word as you say it, silently, gently, and above all – simply. The essence of this pray is simplicity.   Stay with the same word during the whole time and from day to day.   I think that the best way is to not visualize but listen to the word as you say it.   Let go of all thoughts, even the good thoughts,  or images.  Don’t fight your distractions but let them go by returning to your word faithfully, gently and attentively.

Stay with your word for the time you have set to pray.  Then open gentle your eyes, and look around with a smile.  Close your prayer by taking one more deep breath, you can also read a short phrase, or  simply return one last time to the same word you used before.

Again this is one way, there are million of other way.

Peace in every step. The shining red sun is my heart. Each flower smiles with me. How green, how fresh all that grows.How cool the wind blows. Peace is every step. It turns the endless path to joy.   (Thich Nhat Hanh)

If anybody wants to contribute by adding to this page their  own prayer or a quote, they can use the below “reply”.  Thank you – Luciano

One thought on “How to Pray (suggestion)

  1. God Bless you Luciano! This has been stirring in my own heart for years and I am so pleased to see you carrying the torch for me. This is my prayer for you
    Peace is not the offspring of war.
    Peace is not the daughter for fear.
    Peace is not the son of conquest.
    Peace is born of the Love of Peace, nothing more.
    Love is a verb, therefore Peace is a state of being
    manifested spontaneously through an act of Love.

    I will light a candle for you each and every morning when I pray.

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